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A Symphony of Words

Thanks to my friend for nudging me (back) to remind me I hadn't updated in awhile (over a week, and I'm not even on an official blacation!). That's what I get for obnoxiously nudging him a few weeks ago. 

Much has been happening in my world, not the least of which is the illness of my darling laptop, Delphina. As we speak, she's at the computer doctor, being diagnosed, although we believe she's afflicted with the dreaded Trojan Horse XQR (or is it KFC?). I always have to wonder...what is WRONG with people? Why, why can't they use their computer hacking skills for good instead of evil?!   Anyway, please keep Delphina in your thoughts and wish her a speedy recovery.
   I've also spent this week basking in wonderful literature, like this:
    and this:   

I am a lucky, lucky reviewer...except that, y'know...I haven't been able to post my reviews yet (see "Delphina" above).

Speaking of good reading, am I the only one who thinks that Cheryl Klein puts together the best speeches ever? If you haven't read her newly posted speech, A Few Things Writers Can Learn from Harry Potter, do head over to http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeqjo1w/id38.html now and check it out. It's a symphony of words, especially the conclusion!
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