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Open Letter to Laurie Halse Anderson

WintergirlsDear Laurie Halse Anderson:

This book, wintergirls, is so amazing that it makes me want to go out and do something amazing. It's so great that it kept me up late into the night, even though I knew I'd have to get up in the morning and drag myself from place to place all day long. It is so awesome that it makes other great books bow down to it in its awesomeness. It's so fantastic that I want to share it with everyone I meet. I want to go out and buy every copy and pass each and every one out to people on the street just to be sure everyone reads it. I want people like Oprah to talk about it so it gets the astronomical audience it deserves. It's so great that I can't stop thinking/talking about it. I cried. I do that a lot, but the tears for this book seemed to mean something.

Enough senseless gushing. Let me tell you why I like wintergirls. The beautiful language. Your writing has (astoundingly) only improved over time, and this book is the most beautifully written yet. And a real girl is narrating! I mean, I know her! She's everygirl. Everygirl with big problems. Doesn't every girl have big problems? This book is written with heart. It has soul. It breathes. It lives on its own, thanks to the way you poured everything you had into it. I can't even begin to imagine how draining that process must have been.

And having gotten the opportunity to meet you at the ALAN Workshop (where you were so incredibly gracious, attentive, and generous) and listen to you speak (you were eloquent, touching, and wise), I know that you did put much of yourself into this book. And you did it for your readers. Because they asked you to. Because you care about them and wanted to tell their stories and give them voices. I love you for that!

So thank you, Laurie Halse Anderson. Thank you for writing this gem of a book. When it's released in the spring, I will be grabbing as many copies as I can get my hands on (if I can get my hands on any copies after everyone realizes that it's even better than Speak). I will pass it on to people. I will spread the word, Laurie Halse Anderson. You keep writing, madam, and I'll keep passing it on!

From A. Fangirl
aka: Julie
Tags: alan workshop, laurie halse anderson, lha, speak, wintergirls
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